Why Flexible Office Space Is So Important During Covid-19

June 2020 – WeWork recently published an article discussing how leading companies are coping with the transition to a new “business-normal” due to the impact of COVID-19 on the traditional working environment. Millions of [...]

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Take A Virtual Tour Of TBE’s Private, Furnished Offices For Rent

June 2020 – As landlords of commercial office space prepare for the reductive impact that coronavirus has had on the commercial property rental industry, The Business Exchange has been quick to ensure the safety [...]

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How COVID-19 is changing the office as we knew it: Podcast

Is COVID-19 Impacting Office Space Requirements For Companies? " People are starting to miss the office – the human interaction and collaboration at the office, even the commute to the office. " Listen to a [...]

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Commercial Property for Rent – TBE Office Space To Rent Costs Less Than You Think

02 June 2020 – Undeniably, the earning potential of many businesses has been negatively impacted on as a result of COVID-19. Traditional commercial property leases are well-known for their lengthy lease agreements, with little [...]

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Lockdown advice for entrepreneurs 11: Rebuilding your new model

Once the initial shock of COVID-19 has worn off, a “new normal” will be born. Business that are determined to survive will need to take cognisance of some important concepts that Allon Raiz, CEO [...]

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