How COVID-19 is changing the office as we knew it: Podcast

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Is COVID-19 Impacting Office Space Requirements For Companies? " People are starting to miss the office – the human interaction and collaboration at the office, even the commute to the office. " Listen to a podcast from Roddy Allan, COVID-19 in which he discusses how companies are rethinking space requirements, but not the need for [...]

New Corporate Way Of Working

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As companies of all sizes rethink their workplace plans for the future, there isn't much doubt that flexibility is on everyone's mind. There are so many advantages to renting serviced office space and TBE's premium offering is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Corporates that are looking to restructure, cut down on [...]

Lockdown advice for entrepreneurs 1: Get to rational quickly

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The quicker entrepreneurs can navigate themselves through the anger, denial and blame that the COVID-19 pandemic wrought, the quicker they can they can bring themselves to operating rationally in a “new normal”. Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp, provides some valuable tips on how to do this. READ MORE

Coronavirus will have a long-term effect on office spaces

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WEWORK, the shared office space company, talks about how it is making plans to change its workspaces in the post-coronavirus world, proposing new floor layouts, adding sanitising capabilities and shifting office traffic flows. Others agree this will be the way forward. David Seinker, founder and chief executive of The Business Exchange, believes there will [...]

Covid-19 to forever change the face of offices, says Business Exchange

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Covid-19 and the South African lockdown have forced companies across the board to embrace strategies that allow their employees to continue working, but from home. And while this has been a relief for many, who no longer have to face the daily traffic grind and can work in their pyjamas if they choose, for [...]

Covid-19 teaches businesses that flexibility is a non-negotiable

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The evolving Covid-19 situation is changing the way most businesses are operating in South Africa, forcing businesses to start making changes, such as working remotely, so that they can continue operations. While for some working from home may have been a regular practice, for most it is a new way of working and presents [...]

TBE’s Latest Addition To Their Office Space In Sandton

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February 2020 - Situated at 140 West Street in Sandton, the newest edition to The Business Exchange’s portfolio sits right across the road from the Gautrain Station, the Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square, with the Sandton Convention Centre being a mere block away. This makes it the perfect home for corporate businesses [...]

View Potential Costs Savings by renting office space from The Business Exchange

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Comparison of Conventional office space to TBE TBE offers numerous corporate benefits, such as flexibility of lease terms, no direct dealings with service providers, fully managed service and staffing support and separate and secure VLAN and SSID set-up. If you work or run a corporate today and are looking for a hassle-free [...]

New Sandton West Street Offices Launching in April

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We're incredibly excited to announce that we are adding another location to the TBE family! The new TBE office space at 140 West Street, Sandton will launch 1 April 2020. Thinking of taking the next step for your business and want a modern office space with incredible city views? Look no further! [...]

Flexible Office Space: 5 Fundamental Ways to Save Costs

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February 2020 – Landlords who are serious about doing business, such as The Business Exchange (TBE), are looking for efficient, well-organised companies who are equally serious about delivering results in a shared office space environment. If you are not already familiar with the term “co-working”, it is a working environment where business is conducted in [...]