Lockdown advice for entrepreneurs 1: Get to rational quickly

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The quicker entrepreneurs can navigate themselves through the anger, denial and blame that the COVID-19 pandemic wrought, the quicker they can they can bring themselves to operating rationally in a “new normal”. Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp, provides some valuable tips on how to do this. READ MORE

Covid-19 to forever change the face of offices, says Business Exchange

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Covid-19 and the South African lockdown have forced companies across the board to embrace strategies that allow their employees to continue working, but from home. And while this has been a relief for many, who no longer have to face the daily traffic grind and can work in their pyjamas if they choose, for [...]

How we are tackling Covid-19 in our Workspaces

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COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy Table of Contents 1. Introduction to H&S Policy – COVID19 2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Hygiene in the Workplace 3. Access into TBE Premises and Building Rules 4. Cleaning Protocol and Disinfectant Equipment 5. Professional Distancing in the Offices and Use of Common Areas 6. General Rules and [...]