Top 500 Publication article about how the Coworking Space model disrupts traditional office rentals

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CEO of The Business Exchange, David Seinker was quoted in this Disruption in the Coworking Space article in the Top 500 publication (a publication which discusses South Africa's best managed companies), in which he mentioned that the concept of coworking space is starting to make a great deal of sense to big business. This article talks about [...]

Marjorie Ndesi, GM at The Business Exchange Youth At Work Interview

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Meet Marjorie Ndesi, GM at The Business Exchange. Take a look into her career path and journey whilst growing from employee no 1 to General Manager during her time at TBE.

5 Quick Tips About Shared Workspace

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September 2018 - So, you've decided to take up a coworking space in a beautiful office and you arrive prepared, with your laptop in tow and surrounded by an air of expectation. As you step over the threshold into your new open workspace you suddenly ponder what the unwritten law of etiquette is in [...]

Are You Looking for Affordable Office Space in Sandton?

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July 2018 - Office space in Johannesburg, according to the JJL Q1 2018 Johannesburg Office Market Report, continues to be the preferred choice for many corporates and small businesses, with the Sandton, Rosebank, and Waterfall nodes respectively accounting for 37%, 27% and 25% of the city’s development pipeline. Affordable Approach to Rent Workspace and [...]

Why Coworking Offices Are Great for Your Business

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May 2018 - A coworking office is an environment where self-employed entrepreneurs, or people with different employers, work in a casual, yet professional, community-like atmosphere. Most coworking spaces include shared office amenities, meeting rooms, casual lounges and on-site restaurants or cafes. Some even include private offices and the added benefit of business networking events, with [...]

How the workspace you choose affects your employee turnover

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May 2018 - The workspace that you choose for your company’s offices ultimately has a major impact on your staff turnover and with South Africa’s current skills shortage, this is an important factor that every business needs to take into consideration when looking for new office space. Whether you are a large, established corporate [...]

Why Coworking Spaces Are Perfect for Startups

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One of the most important parts of any startup is teamwork. Being able to assemble a great team and create a vibrant group dynamic will be critical to your success as a company. But something that can easily happen is that these teams insulate themselves. A feeling of comfort, sometimes combined with a fear of [...]

Getting To Grip With Mondays In The Office

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February 2018 - The alarm goes off and you realise its Monday again. Another hard week of corporate stress and other office space annoyances. Friday is seemingly light years away and yet only separated from Monday by two days! The bad news is that there will always be another Monday, but with The Business [...]

Save Money on High Office Space Rentals – Slash Facilities Management Costs

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November 2017 - How to get the most out of your office space in Rosebank and Sandton It's perfectly natural to hesitate before putting pen to paper on a long-term lease for office space in Rosebank or Sandton. These prestigious areas are well-known for their high-income status and upmarket properties. Although many small business [...]

Setting Up a Satellite Office in Johannesburg

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August 2017 – If you or your employees are frequently travelling between Cape Town and Johannesburg or between Durban and Johannesburg, it may be time to review other options – such as setting up a satellite office in Johannesburg. Renting a satellite office in Johannesburg will not only help your business grow by expanding its [...]