Why Coworking Spaces Are Perfect for Startups

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One of the most important parts of any startup is teamwork. Being able to assemble a great team and create a vibrant group dynamic will be critical to your success as a company. But something that can easily happen is that these teams insulate themselves. A feeling of comfort, sometimes combined with a fear of [...]

Getting To Grip With Mondays In The Office

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February 2018 - The alarm goes off and you realise its Monday again. Another hard week of corporate stress and other office space annoyances. Friday is seemingly light years away and yet only separated from Monday by two days! The bad news is that there will always be another Monday, but with The Business [...]

Save Money on High Office Space Rentals – Slash Facilities Management Costs

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November 2017 - How to get the most out of your office space in Rosebank and Sandton It's perfectly natural to hesitate before putting pen to paper on a long-term lease for office space in Rosebank or Sandton. These prestigious areas are well-known for their high-income status and upmarket properties. Although many small business [...]

Setting Up a Satellite Office in Johannesburg

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August 2017 – If you or your employees are frequently travelling between Cape Town and Johannesburg or between Durban and Johannesburg, it may be time to review other options – such as setting up a satellite office in Johannesburg. Renting a satellite office in Johannesburg will not only help your business grow by expanding its [...]

The Truth About Working Remotely

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  March 2017 – Working from a remote base, such as your home, is becoming more popular with today’s increasing level of connectivity. However, remote working has many disadvantages since “work” is dynamic and involves more than just the processing of a set list of duties. Intrinsically, going to a place of work is a [...]

How to Choose a Business Centre

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How to Choose a Business Centre Using the services of a prominently located business centre is becoming a popular way of reducing company's overheads in today's competitive business environment and gaining prestigious office space. As many entrepreneurs know, it is not always possible for start-ups and small businesses to initially set up a permanent [...]

Why Is Co-Working Office Space Becoming More Desirable?

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Jan 2017 - As a provider of private, shared and virtual office space, we have noticed that there is something very unique about our co-working spaces. If you are not yet familiar with the term "shared office space" or “co-working office space", it is a business model that brings together bright, creative entrepreneurs and freelancers [...]

8 Advantages to Using Serviced Office Space

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Requirements for fully-serviced office or meeting room space may vary from hiring a meeting room for a few hours to hiring an office on a monthly basis. The Business Exchange offers a variety of flexible office space solutions designed to meet the working environment requisites of prospective tenants and also caters for entrepreneurs looking to [...]

Conventional Offices Vs Serviced Offices At The Business Exchange

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CONVENTIONAL OFFICES VS SERVICED OFFICES AT THE BUSINESS EXCHANGE The Business Exchange, a provider of serviced office space, offers flexible office rentals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in the heart of the Sandton CBD, a prime location for businesses. The company understands that early stage business entrepreneurs need to wisely manage their cash-flow. [...]