Our buildings are specifically
chosen for their upmarket
All are easily accessible and
situated at prime locations,
offering our clients the address
and brand image they are
looking for in the pursuit of


We ensure that our tenants have
access to state-of-the-art
technology to enable
productivity, and seamless
connectivity any time, anywhere
securely and efficiently.
This includes; high-speed
fiber-optic internet, video
conferencing, biometric access,
environmentally friendly
lighting with motion


Our office design resonates with
both corporates and
entrepreneurs respectively as
they find a workspace which
compliments their own brand
image, workflow, productivity,
collaboration and socialization to
achieve business success.
Together with a highly acclaimed
South African interior designer,
we effectively use space,
colour, textures and the cutting
edge work space design
elements to inspire success.


Since our first project in 2014,
TBE partnered with a recognised
South African artist, who curates
and exhibits the works of up and
coming as well as established
South African artists on behalf of
This forms part of our distinct
TBE signature enhancing culture,
creativity, learning and
expression of inspiration while
investing in success.


At TBE we connect with our tenants
and encourage them to build
business relationships and
partnerships with each other
through events and introductions in
formal and informal settings.

We encourage our members to
promote themselves on our own APP
through listings and advertising, and
we drive connection and cross-selling
between our portfolio of clients.

We host various business talks,
dinners and events for business
networking, personal development,
investment raising, etc., for our
tenants so that they can maximise
their company exposure.

Regular events enable
tenants to develop their knowledge
and networks. Four key categories