How to Home Office from a Virtual Office

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How to Home Office from a Virtual Office When you start a new business, one of the first things that you are going to be searching for is office space in a decent location. However your excitement usually fades quickly when you realise that your budget doesn’t allow you that prime location on a busy [...]

Technology Increases Attractiveness of Virtual Workplaces

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It goes without saying that commuting is a major headache for anyone having to make the daily trip into the office and back home again. This is one of the factors why virtual workplaces are becoming more popular with both companies and entrepreneurs who are “home-officing” or whose employees are on the road for the [...]

The Business Exchange Revolutionises Traditional Office Rentals

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Business owners in South Africa are starting to take notice of a new trend which challenges traditional ways of working in a fixed office. This may be due to; the reluctance to be tied into long-term leases, cost saving initiatives, the need for smaller, permanent offices or even the frustration of negotiating daily traffic to [...]